What We Do

Songwriting Sessions

Our hit songwriters co-write every week with other top songwriters from around the world, writing for the most famous and successful singers. And… they’re happy to book a 1/2-day writing session with you. Co-writing is the key to success in today’s highly competitive song market. Book a session with one of our hit songwriters to take your songs to the next level, and make a valuable industry connection in the process.

Recording Sessions

Our talented session musicians are veterans of the recording studio. We have the combined experience of thousands of songs recorded, we have worked in virtually every modern style of music, and we have worked at every major studio in LA.

Regardless of where you choose to record, from a small home studio to a large commercial facility, to have successful songs you need great session musicians. Our musicians bring your music to life through deep grooves, great energy, impeccable timing, and tasteful parts that help people feel the power of your music.

The Los Angeles Session Group offers flexible booking options, competitive rates, fast song learning, great playing, and are really fun to work with. In addition, we have built relationships with dozens of the best recording studios in LA. The great studios we work with offer us exclusive discounts which range in cost from $75-$250 per hour, including an engineer.

Remote Recording Sessions

Are you a songwriter/producer who does not live in LA but wants to have professional quality recordings with great performances? Are you an artist who lives in LA but does not want to pay for commercial studio time?

Our session musicians are pleased to offer remote recording options to help you get the sound and the parts your songs deserve… no matter where you live, no matter what your budget.

LASG musicians have built and operate high quality remote recording studios. You will be amazed with how good the sound quality is, and the best part… there is no studio cost for using our remote studios.

Local Shows & Industry Showcases

The Los Angeles Session Group musicians have a professional, friendly attitude, show up on time, and perform with the highest quality instruments and equipment. People describe us as fun, reliable, and hard working. Our goal is to provide you, the artist or musical director, with a first-rate rhythm section. And, we do it quickly. Within just a few rehearsals, we will help you create a live show or showcase that is second to none.

Through our large network, we can offer referrals for great session musicians covering virtually any instrument. We can also provide a high quality solution to add studio tracks & loops to your live performances for the most complete and polished sound.


Touring can be a great way to gain new fans and boost record & merchandise sales. Our session musicians have a ton of tour experience and know what it takes to play great shows and maintain great friendships while on the road.

Whether you’re looking to do regional, national, or international shows, LASG musicians can help you create an amazing tour performance that will stay strong from start to finish.

Photo & Video Shoots

In addition to being accomplished musicians, the Los Angeles Session Group musicians are experienced in virtually every aspect of creating a great live performance in today’s diverse world of multimedia entertainment. Through our years of experience behind every type of camera and microphone, we can help you create first rate Photo Shoots, Music Videos, TV or Movie Shoots, Viral Internet Shoots, Funny Blog Videos and more…


Rehearsing music doesn’t have to be a long, painful and expensive process. We do our homework and walk in to each and every rehearsal prepared and ready to rock. You’ll be surprised by how quickly your songs come together, and by how fun it is to play your music at the highest level.

Our musicians are flexible and very easy to work with. Before you book the first rehearsal you can let us know how you like to work. You can: 1) give us exact instrumental parts to master, or 2) give us parts to learn but ask us to tastefully embellish upon them, or 3) just give us a rough sketch of the song and we’ll create custom parts on the fly… Or, any combination.

LASG musicians believe rehearsals should be productive, efficient, and fun. Your songs will sound great and be performance ready in as little as two rehearsals.