Why Choose LASG

LASG Musicians & Songwriters

We have incredible pre-screened musicians as part of our collective: Guitarists, Drummers, Bassists, Keyboardists, Percussionists, Vocalists, String Players, Horn Players, and Hit Songwriters. Many of our players can ‘double’ and play more than one instrument comfortably, and contribute backing vocals. A number of our musicians are also experienced in music leadership roles such as a Producer for recording sessions or a Music Director for live performances.

To learn more about each member, please complete our Book Musicians or Book Songwriters page. We will respond to you within 24-hours and provide you with detailed information on how we work, pricing, and your booking options.

Why Choose LA Session Group?

Simple. Our musicians & songwriters do not pay to be members of LASG. Why is this so important? Because we are highly selective; we do not accept EVERY musician who wants to join, in fact we only accept about 5% of the musicians that apply to join. All of our musicians and songwriters are pre-screened, high-end, well accomplished, ‘gigged with’ and properly vetted players.

Think of us as an exclusive ‘members only’ club made up of the most successful, experienced, yet friendly musicians and songwriters in LA… and you, the artist, songwriter, producer, music director, manager, or record label get full access to hire any musician in our club. We do the screening; you can pick your players with ease and confidence.

12 Reasons to Work With LASG Members

  • A Musical Collective: A lineup of top session musicians allows you to book better gigs, even at the last minute. Our players will show up prepared to nail the gig. Never miss an opportunity.
  • Full Service: Songwriting sessions, recording sessions, live shows, tours, industry showcases, TV & video dates, arranging, producing, and music directing.
  • Experienced: Educated session musicians with tons of major label experience – we have the combined experience of thousands of songs recorded and gigs performed.
  • Professional: Always on time and reliable. Always organized and prepared. Always working hard to make sure you sound great.
  • Fast: Sound great in as little as two rehearsals.
  • Easy To Work With: Laid-back and relaxed – open minded and fun.
  • All Musical Styles: Expert knowledge of every contemporary genre of music.
  • All Instruments Covered: Our trusted session musicians, songwriters, instrumentalists and singers cover virtually every musical part. We’ll make sure you have exactly what your music needs, performed to our high standards.
  • Great Parts & Ideas: Always creative and ready to craft something new. When requested, we specialize in helping our artists finish and improve their instrumental parts, arrangements, and melodies.
  • Programming & Background Tracks: Experienced in creating a high quality solution to add studio tracks & loops to your live performances for the most complete and polished sound.
  • Endorsements & Partnerships: We work closely with many top instrument and gear manufacturers to get our artists great deals on their products and we have partnered with Guitar Center’s Pro division for special discounts on virtually everything else.
  • Exclusive Relationships: Through our large network we have established great connections with top recording studios, film & television, record labels & publishers, attorneys, video directors & crew, photographers & make-up artists, actors & actresses, writers & bloggers, and web designers & marketing experts. If there is a connection you seek, there is a good chance we can help you make it.